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Brazil, the largest country in South America by far,  is composed of 6 distinct biomes that include the Amazon Forest, Atlantic Forest, Cerrado (Brazilian Savanna), Caatinga, Pantanal and the Pampas. Those biomes as a whole contribute to the maintenance of the biological megadiversity that makes up it territory. Brazil is famous for being considered the second richest country in the world in number of species of birds, with over 200 being endemic. BITW offers strategically created routes for the observation of these incredible birds. With us  you are guaranteed a tour of satisfaction that starts from the moment you choose an itinerary.


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About Us

About Us


The Company

Birding is the World Brazil offers a vacation birding experience like no other. We specialize in tailoring tours for birders of all levels, and they offer an extensive network of local guides and connections to help you explore the country's rich biodiversity. Birding is the World Brazil was Founded by Maira and Jeffrey Oakar who have been traveling to Brazil for over 10 years. They are passionate about sharing and preserving the unique wildlife of Brazil! They have traveled extensively throughout the country, while making many local and domestic connections. They both share a love for birding, as well as the culture in Brazil - which they want you to see firsthand! Whether you're looking for an adventure close up with birds or scenery from above on land-they'll be able to help guide you to your birding dreams.

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The Founders

Maira, Jeffrey and Benjamin! We are a trio with a passion for nature in all its beauty, but we are especially crazy about birds! Born in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, Maira studied biology and has since become an expert photographer. After graduating with honors and acquiring experience doing research on South America's largest monkey, the endangered Muruqui monkey, Maira moved to Denver, Colorado. Jeffrey is from Cleveland, Ohio but has lived all over the world. His photography skills led him to Brazil where he won several exhibits and awards doing documentary photography. Along the way, a third lover of nature appeared! Like mom and dad, like son....Benji loves to observe birds and when one comes along, he always asks for his "onoculars".

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The Mission

Birding Is The World is a new organization that explores the world of birding, with an emphasis on Brazil. Why are we interested in birds? Because they're amazing creatures and because it's important to save them for future generations.Why are we interested in Brazil? Because it's one of the most biodiverse places on Earth, home to over 1/3 of all bird species.
These environments are in danger of non-existence.
What can we do about this problem? There are lots of things that people can do but Birding Is The World believes that the best way to help is by getting out there and observing what’s happening with your own eyes so you have some idea of what needs more attention.

This philosophy leads us towards being a global conservation project with birding and local culture cultivation at its infrastructure.

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