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 Endemic Birds of the Atlantic Rainforest

October 7th-14th, 2024


Oct 7th-14th, 2024
8 days
7 nights
Sao Paulo City
1-8 + Leader Guide
Excellent route to see and photograph amazing birds. Most of the places have great feeder stations
Easy and relaxing route, not overly strenuous. Some walking required but no long hikes
We highly recommend getting insurance. It is important that the insurance covers trip cancellation and medical attention, as well
Inform your doctor about your trip. We will keep you informed about Brazilian and American requirements. More information can be found on the CDC website. 


  • From $3,998* per person (sharing room) Single supplement: $450
  • 8 days 7 nights in Hotels/Lodges
  • Road transportation through the trip
  • Specialized English-speaking Leader Guide
  • Local Guide in some areas
  • Meals 
  • Water/soft drinks and snacks
  • A deposit of $600 is required to book your spot. 
  • The rest of the payment should be done until 90 days priori the trip
* Because of currency, price is subject to slight change
  • International airfare and airport taxes
  • Tips for all waiters, guides and drivers
  • Items of personal use, laundry, medical expenses 
  • Additional services offered in hotels (Spa, massage, etc.)
  • Travel insurance.

The Atlantic Forest present on the Southeast of Brazil is still among the biologically richest and most diverse forests in the world. It is the paradise for tons of amazing colorful birds, many of then are rare and endemic and can’t be seeing anywhere else in Earth. In this tour you will have the opportunity to spend the night in Lodges located in the middle of the Rainforest, walk in easy pace trails, watch and photograph hummingbirds, tanagers, toucans and toucanets that visit the feeders.

​The lodges where we will stay are managed by locals and have great feeders, easy pace trails what is perfect for watch and photograph.

Day 1: Welcome to Sao Paulo! Upon arrival at Guarulhos International Airport you will meet our expert English speaking guide who will drive you to the small town of Salesópolis. We will stay at the hotel in the city for 2 nights. During this time we will spend our days in the charmingly family run place that besides the special care they give their fellow birders, this small little piece of heaven serves food to die for. This is a fantastic place to see hummingbirds, owls, tanagers manakins, birds of prey the endemic and rare Sao Paulo Marsh Antwren.
Days 2: Morning begins early and after breakfast we’ll drive back to the little ranch and you’ll have the option to go straight to the feeders with tons of different species of tanagers and hummingbirds or take the easy trails in the property where you can see a lot of different species a day. Another feature is the “casinha da mata” which is a camouflaged room built in the middle of the forest which gives us an opportunity to watch and photograph shy or ground feeding birds.
Day 3: After breakfast we’ll drive south to spend a day in a place that is considered one of the best place to see and photograph the Red-necked tanager. After enjoy the time in this bird paradise and taking amazing photos we’ll check in and have our delicious dinner in the Lodge Pousada das Cavernas in Iporanga City and stay for 2 nights.
Day 4: After typical Brazilian breakfast we’ll have a short drive to the PETAR (Alto Ribeira State Tourist Park). PETAR is considered one of the most important Conservation Units in the world. It houses the largest portion of preserved Atlantic Forest in Brazil and more than 300 caves. Here is home of 30 endemic species of birds in Brazil and many are easy to be seen.
Day 5: We’ll enjoy our last morning in PETAR in a search of species that wasn’t seen previously and after lunch we will drive toward to Tapiraí City where we will spend 3 nights in a private property located in the heart of the Atlantic Rainforest in the Paranapiacaba Sierra. Here you’ll enjoy excellent food, a relaxed atmosphere, nice trails , great feeders and amazing birds. An unforgettable stop!
Day 6 and 7: Morning begins early on the sound of many different species of birds singing from every direction. When you open your room’s door the first impression is you are in a bird concert. Seriously! After a delicious breakfast you’ll have the option to go straight to the feeders to see and photograph many birds and hummingbirds that visit the station or take a walk in the trails.  One of the big bonus from this place is the opportunity to also see Brazilian tapir. With a nocturnal and crepuscular behavior this big strange looking mammal is often seen next to the lodge enjoying some snacks. It is a great opportunity to admire and photograph this largest wild mammal of South America!
Days 8: After breakfast we will spend our last morning around the lodge and after lunch we’ll be back to Guarulhos International Airport.
Some birds we’ll have chance to see during this tour:  the Ornate Hawke Eagle, Saffron toucanet, Festive coquette, Blackish-blue Seedeater, Serra do Mar Tyrannulet, swallow-tailed Manakin, Red-necked Tanager, Green headed Tanager, Dusky-tailed Antbird, Serra do Mar Tyrant-Manakin, Yellow headed Woodpecker, the Black hawk-eagle,the Drab-breasted Pygmy-Tyrant, Bertoni’s Antbird, Brazilian tanager, Buff-fronted Owl, Toco toucan, Orange-breasted Thornbird, Drab-breasted Pygmy-Tyrant, Sao Paulo Antwren, Pileated Parrots, Blackish-blue Seedeater, Black-backed tanager, Brassy-breasted tanager and much more!

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