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Our 2024 Itineraries

Happy Holidays and happy birding!

Currently, as I write, a chill has filled my office from the heavy winter storm that surreptitiously struck in the early morning throngs. We deserve it! Denver has had very little Winter weather and maybe this is nature’s way of saying, “I haven’t forgotten you!”  Another thought: how radically different this climate is from the weather we’ll experience in Brazil next year. Here, everything is pale white. There, vibrant green! But no matter the weather, we wanted to take this time to wish you and your families a wonderful holiday season, a special New Year and a 2024 filled with bird sightings. The next year promises to be our biggest and we know we will take great pride and privilege in helping all of you spot, observe and photograph new and exciting lifers and targets. Brazil has that advantage that few birding regions can match. It offers so many distinct birding biomes, each unforgettable in its own right that a return is warranted. What country on Earth offers the distinction of birding in the World’s largest rainforest? Or wetland…yes, the World’s largest! Or offers a dry Savannah area that sets itself apart from other areas because of the quantity of endemic birds and animal species. If that weren’t enough, Brazil also offers a rainforest that hugs the Atlantic coast that many experts consider the best birding area in the world. The diversity of birds in this region is simply mind-blowing. All these areas offer color, rarity, vibrancy, multitude, plenitude and diversity in bird species and is quite literally a birders paradise.

Many of the spots in these tours have been taken and we are about to open a second All-Female trip to the Amazon but there are still many vacancies

. We would be honored and privileged to show you why Brazil is, in our humble opinion, the greatest birding region in the Solar System!

Tours for 2024:

World renown ornithologist Richard Prum’s favorite place to go birding, the rainforest that hugs the Atlantic has hundreds of species that will leave your mind boggled for years to come. We’ll visit amazing locations that range from the pure forest, to the coast, to some mountainous areas. It’s a tanager and hummingbird paradise but there is no end to the diversity.

This trip is perfect for those who want to concentrate on hummers. Our guides are experts and speak English fluently but more importantly, you’ll see lots and lots of different species of hummingbirds. Of course, there will be other birds but the key emphasis is on Hummers.

True adventure through the Amazon Rainforest! This trip has very few remaining spots so don’t delay. Includes a visit to see the mythical pink freshwater dolphin and an indigenous Amazonian tribe.

A personal favorite because it combines history with birding. We’ll visit an 19th Century Monastery to see various birds plus the amazing Maned Wolf plus two National Parks that feature endemic birds only seen in the Brazilian Savannah.

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