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The best place in the world to go birding!

Updated: Apr 3

I cheer for Brazil. Almost always…in the World Cup, in music, in food, in culture, in language and ultimately in nature. There is so much good coming out of this continent-sized country that it almost becomes an affirmation. So when I was listening to an interview with world renown ornithologist Richard Prum on The Birders Show podcast, (Richard Prum’s Top Birding Destinations) my ears peaked up like a dog when they asked him where his favorite birding location in the world is located. This is a man who has birded EVERYWHERE. “He’ll probably say some place like Indonesia or Papau New Guinea,” I thought. Wrong. His answer was Brazil! Specifically the Atlantic Rainforest located within hours of Sao Paulo. To my pleasant shock, he named the most accessible location in Brazil to go birding. Fly into Sao Paulo, drive a few hours in practically any direction and you’re there. We found this to be exciting news not only because we do a lot of our work there but also because it means that you don’t have to hike miles and miles into some far flung location to see some of the most stunning birds this Earth has to offer.  Prum’s main reasons were the number of species of birds that can be seen in easy accessible area.

If you are thinking about taking just one birding trip to Brazil, the Atlantic Rainforest would be the place to visit. We’ll not only take you there but we’ll take you to places that are so stunning for bird diversity and rarity that you might even wet your pants. Our tours can feature tons of species including colorful and endemic hummingbirds, the royal flycatcher during mating season and the extremely rare and endemic Sao Paulo Antwren! Our guides are local, our lodging is done by Brazilians who are passionate about what they do (and are birders themselves.), and our attention to detail will knock you out. We have recently opened up a trip geared toward the end of this year, ATLANTIC RAINFOREST Endemic Birds of the Atlantic Rainforest, October, 2024 and would love to have you join us! Come share in Brazil’s victory and make it your own!

Brassy-breasted tanager
Saffron toucanet
Chestnut-backed Tanager. Photo: Jarbas Mattos
São Paulo Antwren. Photo: Elvis Japão
Blue Naped Chlorophonia
Atlantic Royal Flycatcher
Swallow-tailed Manakin
Brazilian Tanager
Gilt-edged Tanager

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Apr 03

I highly recommend. Atlantic Rainforest is a paradise for birders

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