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COVID GUIDELINES (as of June 29, 2022)




Birding is the World Brazil is dedicated to protect the safety and health of our customers, guides, assistants and the marvelous people who will host us on our journey. All current CDC guidelines will be adhered to until modified or updated. All rules and regulations established by the Republic of Brazil will also be adhered to. With that said, we will take the extra precaution of always having masks and hand sanitizer available as well as following all local laws. Your safety is our Number One priority. 


As of this moment, Brazil requires proof of vaccination to enter the country. It also requires that visitors show proof that they do not have covid, so a negative test result is mandatory. This result must be made within 48 hours of travel. IF you arrive in Brazil 72 hours before the tour begins, we too will require a negative result either through a pharmacy or through a home test result. 


CDC ANNOUNCEMENT: On June 12th, the CDC eliminated its Covid testing requirement for visitors entering or returning to the US. This means there is no longer a need to show a negative test result before entering or returning to the US. These rules are updated daily so we will keep you aware of any changes on what is required as the changes are made. 


Medical Insurance is not provided so it is extremely important that your personal health insurance covers any cost related to a health problem including Covid. Please take these precautions because Birding is the World, Brazil does not provide any insurance coverage. Health insurance is the client responsibility. This includes coverage for Covid. No testing costs, hospital expenses, ambulance fees or anything related to treatment for Covid is covered by Birding is the World, Brazil. If you are taking medication for anything, bring at least 10-14 days extra dosage just in case there are delays in returning home. 

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