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Toucan Sam, Anyone?

Like most people of my generation, I grew up eating Fruit Loops. You know where I'm going with this post, right. Yes, Toucan Sam. The cereal was horribly sweet but I loved the bird. Toucan Sam was cool and I wondered when and where I would get to see one of these exotic creatures. Eventually I saw one in a cage in Rio de Janeiro but I don't count that as a worthwhile siting. Poor thing should be free and flying! When I did finally see one, I gushed like a little kid. Since then, I've realized that the Toucan as a species isn't so hard to see in Brazil. They are prevalent in the countryside but also in urban areas like Brasilia and Belo Horizonte. In the South Atlantic Forests, you'll see different variations like this green beaked wonder, the Red-Breasted Toucan. As far as photography goes, this isn't the best photo in the world but it's always a thrill to register this beautiful bird!

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