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The Magpie Tanager. Brazil feels like Colorado

At the wonderful lodge called Trilha dos Tucanos (Toucan Trail) in southern São Paulo, Brazil, we saw some amazing tropical hummingbirds, passerines, green headed tanagers and parrots, but this guy stood out as well because it reminded me of home. The pesky, ubiquitous Magpie has followed me even to the Atlantic Rain Forest in Brazil (Mata-Atlantica)! The Tietinga is also called the Magpie Tanager and it's as rambunctious there as the Magpie is here. One of the best things about visiting Brazil is you are going to see a lot of rare birds....true. But you will also see a lot of birds that are common there but never seen in the United States. It's absolutely a given you are going to fill your checklist up with a lot of birds you've been craving to see given the opportunity!

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