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More than Birding

When Maira and I decided to start our Birding business, we wanted to create an experience that offered amazing birds but much, much more. We personally flew to Brazil and visited some of the most renown birding areas. We wanted to personally meet some of the most respected and knowledgable guides while at the same time photograph rare species and scout some of the trails on our planed routes. Our planned itinerary for the Atlantic Forest is promising to be a mind-blowing and a once-in-a-lifetime trip. Besides ensuring that our fellow birders will see amazing birds, we wanted to make sure that the cultural experience matches or even tops our avian friends. We want you to have great hosts, great guides, great food, great trails and a cultural experience no one else even comes close to offering. The thing is, Maira and I wanted to experience the routes before you do to make sure the quality is up t par.

We can offer this because we offer the Brazilian experience through the eyes of both worlds. Maira is a Brazilian biologist from Minas Gerais with more than a decade of experience working in diverse Brazilian regions. She's at home in the Brazilian Cerrado, Pantanal, the Mata-Atlantica (Atlantic Forest) and the Amazon areas. As for myself, I am an award-winning photographer who has lived in Brazil for more than 13 years. I understand Brazil extremely well from an "outsider's" point of view and can help fellow birders make the cultural transition much quicker. Plus, I'm fluent in Portuguese!

Brazil has so much to offer and it would be a shame to go on such a long trip without learning some of its culture. Our promise to our clients: You will see amazing birds while at the same time enjoying the best this diverse country has to offer. Plus, you will contribute to the preservation of the Cerrado, one of the most endangered biomes in Brazil.

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