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Flight of the Century

As most birders know, hummingbirds can be very, very territorial and even aggressive toward each other when claiming their feeding areas. But catching an example of this rancor is rare and especially difficult especially because Hummers can be skittish, unpredictable and lightning quick. At the Sitio Macuquinho in South East Brazil, I got lucky as these two White Throated Hummers took a break from the bout to rest on a branch and rethink their strategies. The aggressor grabbed the foot of his rival and wouldn't let go! Even flying, this Brazilian rascal squeezed his beak tight and went along for a crazy, zig zaggy flight. I never did get to see what eventually happened with either bird but I do like this photograph a lot! As one of the top hummingbird locations in Brazil. Sitio Macuquinho is a must to go check out hummers and other incredible birds.

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