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Buraco das Araras (Macaw Sinkhole)

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

Today I was day-dreaming a bit about our next trip to Brazil when a certain idea popped into my mind. Birders…birding in general…has a built in bonus that few other hobbies have. Besides checking off birds we’ve seen, our hobby also gives us the luxury of traveling to incredibly interesting places while at the same time, seeking out amazing birds. We get to experience beautiful natural areas, see animals in their wild habitat and seek out bird life. On international trips, we are lucky enough to immerse ourselves in a different culture as well. As I was pondering this added “extra”, I remembered a location that stirred up my imagination. Close your eyes and imagine a place called “Sinkhole of the Macaws”. What pops into your head? For me, it conjures up images of an enormous prehistoric crevice in the side of a volcano covered in deep, dark green Atlantic Rainforest where a cornucopia of red, blue and green macaws flock and soar majestically like ancient pterodactyls. A birder’s wildest dream come true! The truth is a little more down to Earth but no less incredible. The Sinkhole of the Macaws is a huge sinkhole in Southwest Brazil where birders can see some of the most amazing macaws the country has to offer. Of course, there are other birds to see but the stars of the show are the macaws. Next year, we are taking a trip to this incredible sinkhole and we can’t wait! Who wants to go with us??

Macaw Sinkhole

Macaws Sinkhole Brazil

Red Macaw at the Macaw Sinkhole in Brazil

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