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Iguazu Falls, one of the natural wonders of the world is part of our line up.

The Brazilian side of Iguazu Falls

If the Martians came down to Earth and told us to show them the natural highlights of the planet, Iguazu Falls would certainly be in the top five stops. Maybe number one! The first thing they’ll notice is the sound which can be heard from miles away. A rumble that you’ll never forget. Once approaching and getting a glimpse, they’ll be amazed by the immense size or so much water falling down. Just as a reference, Niagara basically has has two huge points where the water falls down whereas Iguazu is a combination of wide falls as well as smaller drops that seemed randomly scattered all over situated strategically over two countries, Brazil and Argentina. People ask, “which side is best?” The answer is simple, visit both sides. They are both special for their own unique reasons. Interestingly enough, as big and majestic a site as the Falls are, a lot of people are surprised at how much nature there is to see in the area. Both Argentina and Brazil have declared these areas National Parks and for good reason. The fauna and flora is amazing. In fact, we offer as an extension a nice little jaunt to Iguazu Falls as a complement to our Atlantic Rainforest Excursion.

The Falls are surely a gift from the heavens but the birds almost steal the show. There are over 150 species in the area with many being threatened and endemic. One of the first you’ll notice is the feisty Plush-crested jay. The last time I visited, one of these colorful jays flew away with a mustard packet from my table. Another playful animal you’ll see everywhere is the coati which the park advises not to feed ever (even though everyone does). You can bet you’ll see many more birds and hummingbirds especially if you visit the Jardín de los Picaflores a garden sanctuary for hummingbirds with dozens of species. It's also one of the best palces to see the Blue-naped chlorophonia and the Chestnut-eared Aracari. We will take you to all the best places to see as many birds possible. Another fun activity is a visit to the Triple Frontier where you can experience Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay simultaneously!

We offer trips to Iguazu Falls as extensions to our other trips but we are more than happy to take you there as an exclusive adventure!

Plush-crested jay during our last trip to Iguazu Falls
Jardín de los Picaflores
Black-throated mango. Photo: Esteban Argerich
Chestnut-eared Aracari. Photo: Jadín de los Picaflores archive
Blue-naped Chlorophonia
Don't feed the Coati! Photo: The Wildlife Diaries

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